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Home to Work Route Flow



Once a route is offered, it will appear here as shown on the left screen

A driver can tap on either the   button or anywhere within the white box to view details of a given route

A driver can then either accept or reject the booking by clicking  accept or

Home to Work Info Screen

When a home to work route is offered and accepted, the information screen will display a start button

The driver has to select the start button to initiate the trip or select the opt-out to decline the trip


Navigation Screen

Next, click on Maps to open navigation menu

Passenger Pick-up

Once the map page is activated, the driver can update the passenger status by clicking here to reveal a pop-up menu according to the stop category

Stops are of two categories here

1. Passenger type pick-up: (displayed in bold font text)
Here driver will pick up  passengers at their specific address

Simply report the status of each passenger as they board the vehicle


Home to Work Passenger Checklist

Simply report the status of each passenger as they board the vehicle

Location Pick-Up

2. Location pick-up: (displayed in light font text)

Here driver has to simply pick up the passengers, no pop-up will be displayed, click proceed to next stop

By this way you will be able to drop off passengers at their work locations respectively


Finish Trip

Click Finish Trip once all the passengers have been dropped off at their respective work locations.


This trip will now be displayed in the completed section of the Mission GPS application.

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