Directional Route Flow

Directional Route Flow There are two types of Route options available. It is dependant on a “Direction” a driver wants to travel in and the number of stops or locations. Work To Home (WTH) : In this scenario, the driver has to pick up passengers from a single work location and drop off passengers at […]

Getting Started

SPLASH SCREEN When you first open the app, the splash screen will be displayed We recommend you choose location services “While using the App” rather than “Only this Time” Add Your Tooltip Text Here LOGIN SCREEN All users login onto the same screen; the system looks up automatically whether they are a Driver or a […]

Menu: Lookups

“Lookups” will allow you to change the currencies, distance units and change route colors.

Menu: Utilities

Adding a New Route New routes can be added with utilities with a excel format specifically designed for this system. Download the file format here: ImportDataTemplateForAdmin.

Menu: Map

Click the tab “Map” to view all routes for any day, with a map and some details. Watching a Live Route: Live Track When a route is in progress you can view a single route by opening the route in the detailed form or just see this on the dashboard. The vertical navigation bar on […]

Menu: Forms

List Form The list form allows administrators to see a summarized data of all the registered drivers, attendants, routes etc. Add New Form From this menu, admin team can register new drivers / passengers / users / providers. Fill in the required fields to generate data within each sub-group.

Menu: Timeline

Timeline In Progress When you first login, a window called “Timeline” will be displayed. On the left-hand side of the timeline form, you can generate a list of routes for any single day and time. On the right-hand side, a live map is displayed with the current in-progress routes. Multiple in progress routes will be […]


Menus: Timeline: View here Map: View here List Forms: View here Add New Forms: View here Utilities: View here Lookups: View here The Mission GPS web system uses a top menu with different drop-downs and buttons to navigate from the system. Each has been explained in detail in the latter sections. Click on the hyperlinks […]


Login: https://missiongps.com​ Enter your username and password, reminders can be emailed if you do not know your password. The compulsory one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered email address and phone number on each login. The system can remember users for a period of up to 7 days to avoid having to keep […]


What is Mission GPS? The Mission GPS System consists of driver and passenger apps along with a web system that is used to manage jobs, schedules, live tracking, messaging and route-replay from within your office. Mission GPS Web System The Mission GPS Web System is included free of charge with each registered account, you do […]